Quick Tips: Photographing People in Nature

When we do portrait work, we rarely set up our studio and…
Post Processing Workflow

Why do you need Layers and Masks?

Why we need to understand Layers & Masks in Photoshop when we can easily blend images using HDR software? Here is our explanation.

Do the composition rules matter?

Compositional rules might make a photo more appealing, and it’s important to know the rules. But, aren’t all rules meant to be broken?
Megapixel Lust

How many Megapixels do you need?

Since the start of the digital era, camera makers have been in a race for the highest megapixel count. But, how many mega pixels are enough?
Point Lobos State Park - California, USA

Quick Tips: Leading Lines

I love using leading lines in my photos. They serve to lead the…