Bowtie Arch - A Lesson in Light and Composition

Jay and I visited Bowtie arch in Utah. Varina recorded this short video while we were there showing how to deal with extreme tonal range.
Effortless - Varina Patel

Shooting Wildlife. With a camera. Jeez.

When it comes down to it - wildlife photography is about…
Calf Creek Falls, Grand Staircase-Escalante, Utah (UT), USA

Photo Processing: Specialization vs. Basics

'Why should I learn to use Layers and Masks? Can't HDR software…
kids_3801 copy

From Living Room to Studio - Here's How We Do It

For those rare occasional studio portraits, it’s great to be able convert your living room into a studio in less than 10 minutes.
Fine Art Prints: Workflow

Fine Art Prints Workflow

Jay discusses his photography workflow for Fine Art Prints with other G+ photographers Scott Jarvie, John H. Moore, and Victor Bezrukov!
Are the Colors Real

Is it Photoshopped?

Have people told you your photos look “fake”, “too HDRish”, or that you used too much “photoshop magic”? – Here is how we answer them.