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Lightroom: Importing Images

In this article Johny Spencer covers how to import images into Lightroom.
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Photographing Motion

Photos may capture and ‘freeze’ a subject, but that doesn't mean they have to reflect a single moment in time.

VW3 - Shallow DOF

In this episode, we talk about Shallow Depth of Field, why we might choose a wide aperture, and our thoughts on some of our own shallow DOF photos.
Zion National Park - Utah, USA

Would you hole up in a hotel room?

Sometimes, the weather doesn't cooperate when we're on location.…

VW2 - Simple Manual Blending

We welcome Leigh Diprose from FujiFilm Australia and show you how to blend two XE-2 images to create a finished, natural-looking photograph.

Building on Shared Experiences

Tapping into shared experiences can help you create impact in your composition.

Tips for Cool Night Photos!

Keep an eye on your histogram, and don't be afraid of experimentation... here are a few basic tips for night photography.
What's in Jay's Camera Bag?

What’s in Jay’s Camera Bag?

People often ask us what we carry in our camera bags. Here, Jay explains what he carries when he's out in the field.