Social media

3 Lies about $ocial Media

This article looks at three lies that you must be aware of to be successful when using social media to grow your photography business.
Cascades du Herrison - Jura, France

What Sells: Collections

When you present your images for sale, consider using gallery features that allow you to group your images into categories based upon similarities.
Episode 15

VW15 - Moving Subjects Assignment Critique

In Visual Wilderness episode 15, we talk about our June assignment - photographing moving subjects.
VW Episode 14

VW14 – A Portfolio that Sells: Part 2

In Visual Wilderness episode 14, we talk with Ugo Cei about building a commercial portfolio and finding potential clients.
california_0105 copy

Tips for Teaching Photography to Beginners

A few useful tips for teaching beginners the basics of photography.
Behind the Lens Course

Behind the Lens Course Launched

This course takes an in-depth look at how we navigate the wide variety of choices we have, in order to build a photograph around a single point of interest.
Hang on for Sharp Photos

Hang on for sharp photos

On windy days you may also have to deal with a moving tripod which can certainly prevent sharp photos.
Milford Sound, Fiordlands National Park, New Zealand

Shooting in the right direction

When dealing with light, there is an easy way to create incredible shots straight from the camera.
When we Come to It - Varina Patel

Stay on Track! (But don't be afraid to jump tracks.)

If you can identify your goals, it's easier to move toward them.
Catlins, New Zeland

Capturing changing conditons

Our visual world changes right before our eyes, providing us with an abundance of different shots.

Riding the plane of focus

In this short video, Varina offers a bit of simple advice for making the most of a very narrow depth of field.