Macro, Twinsburg, Ohio

Why I Love a Drizzly Day

Yesterday, I woke up to a drizzly, overcast morning... and I couldn't stop smiling. The fact is, I love days like that. They are absolutely ripe with opportunity.
Content Creation Strategy

How to Tame the Social Media Monster

The trick to taming the social networking monster is to make the most of the time spent on social media. It takes discipline and forethought - Here is how we do it.

Natural Leading Lines

Natural leading lines are a great way to improve your composition and help convey emotion in your photographs. Check out some effective ways these can be used.
Old Failthful, Yellowstone National Park Wyoming (WY), USA

Seven Ways to Create Simpler Photos

We love photos with simple and uncluttered composition....They look great on our walls. So, here are some tips to simplify your images.
Bandon Beach Sunset

5 Ways to Promote Your Photography Locally

Getting noticed can seem hard at first, but there are places locally you might not have thought about where you can display your work.
Stairway To Heaven

Aaron Reed - Tips for Creating Large Format Prints

Just what does it take to make a large print like this one? Infocus Magazine decided to talk to Aaron Reed about large prints.

2015 Fiji Workshop Discount

We invite yo to join us in Fiji for a fantastic workshop taught by some of world's best photographers.
Yellowstone, Wyoming

Landscape Photography with a Long Lens

Over the years we have found that a long lens can capture stunning landscape photos. Here are few tips and examples.
Bahia Honda Blues - Jay Patel

Minimalism with a Wide-angle Lens

When you are outside shooting with a wide-angle lens, it’s tough to imagine creating a minimalist landscape image...but it is NOT impossible.
Hakuna Matata

When not to use Lightroom Dehaze Filter

Is Lightroom Dehaze a good tool for a landscape photographer? Sure it is! But not necessarily for the reasons you may think.