How to put photography back in your life

"I don't have time for photography!! I need to finish my taxes, stack firewood, respond to 47 new emails, prep images, take kids to school..." - Here is how to put photography back in your life.
Images from Mount Rainier in the Pacific Northwest Of Washington State

Autmn Photography in Mount Rainier

Kevin McNeal tells us why Mount Rainier makes a perfect place to photograph In autumn. He share some of his favorite destinations to catch some fall colors.
HIdden Place

5 Tips for Beginner Nature Photographers

We asked Candcae Dyar how can a beginner capture stunning landscape photography image like the one has on her website.
Wild Goanna

Three tips for better wildlife photography

How to get better wildlife images when out in nature - get in close and get low.
Canon IDX / 1/400 sec @ f/8.0

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone - Part 2

Waiting to photograph birds has greatly enhanced my visual perception of the world and allowed me to create images that are outside my comfort zone.
Canon IDX / 1/800 sec @ f/8.0

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone - Part 1

Waiting to photograph birds has greatly enhanced my visual perception of the world and allowed me to create images that are outside my comfort zone.
Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 8.25.57 pm

3 Uses for Lightroom's Radial Filter

In this video you'll learn 3 must know tips for enhancing your landscape images with the radial filter in Lightroom.
Published on 2012/12/05 by Denis on http://denisgrenier.com

Nature Photography is best done far away.  Or is it?
Often, Nature Photography opportunities are right around the corner.  There is no need to go far away to find out peace.  Most of the time, only minutes away from heavy traffic congestion, peace is there, waiting for you.

Do you know a peaceful place, to do Nature Photography, near your home town?

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We, passionate landscape photographer, are so lucky. We are always looking to get into these peaceful and amazing places where the sky, land and water blend together in magnificent panorama. When looking at pictures online on 500px.com, Pixoto.com, photoshelter.com or smugmug.com, we are usually dreaming of faraway scene while there is such beauty in our own home city.

This picture is from a site only 1 mile from the very congested tunnel leading into Montreal under the St-Laurence River.  Before entering this tunnel, heading into Montreal, you go through Charron Island which is part of the 5 small islands in the “National Park of Iles de Boucherville”.

15 minutes away from downtown Montreal this is a little paradise.  Even if the highway is just minutes away, we hear nothing but the sound of nature.  There is 7 miles of trails on the 5 islands of the park.  These trails offers good viewpoint on the St-Lawrence River, the Montreal Island and the South shore.  All kinds of wildlife and birds wander in or near these trails.

In the summer time, when weather forecast is great for picture-taking, I leave earlier with my backpack and office clothes in the trunk and head to Boucherville’s Islands.  Getting there by 04:30 gives me time for Sunrise (05:00) and the golden hour before heading to the office.

There are dozens of locations near and in Montreal where peace can greet you in the early morning.

So the day before this picture, I looked at the weather forecast.  Forecast wa

Backyard Landscape Photography - Why Not?

Landscape photography can be done in your own back yard. Denis Grenier tells us why he loves to shoot in his own backyard.
Getting low to the ground, I was able to see reflections on the beach in Bandon, Oregon during a dramatic sunset.

8 Tips for Photographing Sea Stacks

Living on the Oregon Coast for several years, I’ve come to love the sea stacks that dot the beautiful coastline. Here are few tips to photograph them.
As this handsome flock of gulls stretched their wings for take off I was ready to capture the moment.

One Camera, One Lens Challenge

So if you are feeling like your photography or art is stuck… why not give yourself a challenge? Break out of the rut. Get inspired again and take the one camera and one lens challenge.
Rainbow in Scotland

Selecting Images for Display

Planning and preparing a collection of prints takes time, but getting your work out there is good for business - and it can be a lot of fun to see your work on display.
Jigsaw Earth by Erin Babnik

4 Tips For Shooting Low to the Ground

Shooting low to the ground can emphasize qualities of a location that might otherwise get lost. These four tips can help you to make the most of those situations.