Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona, by Anne McKinnell

4 Camera Settings You'll Love

Here are 4 camera settings that professional landscape photographer Anne Mckinnell loves to use.
Big Island, Hawaii (HI), USA

Tips for Finding Macro Subjects

Here is a very simple tip that Jay uses to find Macro subject for his nature photography.
Badwater Basin is very extensive and pre-scouting is essential to finding the best formations. We spent a few hours looking for the most interesting spots in advance of photographing here at sunrise. We also marked the most promising spots on our GPS to make returning later easy.

6 Tips for Scouting Landscape Photography Locations

Here are few tips about scouting locations for landscape photography that have helped Sarah Marino improve here photographs.
Best equipment for reducing image noise.

Reducing Noise in Post Processing

Grant Collier shows you how to use post processing to reduces noise for your Night Photography.
Varina on Sandbar, Fiji

Change Your Perspective to Capture Unique Photos

Changing your perspective can help you come away with some unique photos. Here are few tips to get your started.
JCripps Milford Sound New Zealand (1)

Why Expectations Are Killing Your Creativity

Are you missing out on incredible photos because your expectations have given you tunnel vision? Here is what Josh has to say on the subject of creativity.
Post Processing Workflow

Photoshop How To: Layers and Masks

Most landscape photos require some amount of post-processing to retain the details throughout the image. This photo was no exception.

How to Get the Perfect Crop Ratio in Lightroom

Are you struggling to crop your pictures so they look best and fit into one of the standard crop ratios in Lightroom? Here is a simple solution.
The Stari Most (Old Bridge) of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Correcting Colors Using Adobe Lightroom

Sometimes it's hard to capture photos of cities at night, with multiple light sources of varying colors. This video will teach you how to process those kinds of images effectively.
Secret Caverns

Creativity, Social Media And The Voices In Your Head

Professional photographer Aaron Reed tell why creativity requires us to ignore the voices on social media.
Wild Superstitions copy

Peter Coskun - Tips for Photographing Intense Colors

Peter Coskun share his photography tips to capture and process photo with intense colors.
Ouzud, Morocco

How to Bracket your photos

The idea of bracketing seems pretty simple: just point your camera at the scene, take an underexposed and overexposed shot. But life is rarely that simple.