Ditching the Tripod

While using the tripod is certainly ideal, Ted Gore explores situations where ditching my tripod was the best choice.
A foreboding scene at Ballintoy Harbour, Norethern Ireland

Using Tonal Contrast for Better BW Photography

Athena Carey give us insight on how to go about visualizing our colorful world for BW photography.

Tips for Framing Photos

Denise Grenier shares tips to avoid costly mistakes while trying to get your photos framed.

Arpan Das - Capturing Great Seascapes

Arpan Das was kind enough to share some tips on how to go about shooting seascapes.
Pistol River Sunrise

Essential Non-Photography Gear of Nature Photographers

Chip Phillips list of essential non-photography gear that every nature photographer should carry.
Banff National Park - Alberta, Canada

What to Photograph in Overcast Conditions

Here is what to do if you find yourself in a place what lacks colors, textures or any amazing geology under heavy overcast conditions
Ruby Beach, WA.

Using Colors to Create Depth & Direction

Ryan Dyar likes to use contrasting colors and shifts in brightness to create depth & direction and flow in his photos.
Private Paradise by Candace Dyar

Tips for Stunning Wildflower Photos

Here is how Candace Dyar uses fieldwork and post-processing, to create stunning wildflower photos.
Tides Pools, Redwood National Forest, California

Composition Tips for Macro Photography

Varina Patel uses less is more is the mantra to come away with breath taking macro of this sea anemone in the tide pools.

Mike Moats - Getting Started with Macro Photography

Professional photography Mike Moat shares his tips about getting started with Macro Photography

Finding the Best Tide Pools to Photograph

Varina Patel shows you how she go about selecting the best tide pools to photograph
Afternoon Delight by Erin Babnik

Tips for Creating the Perfect Sunstar

Erin Babnik shows you how to create a perfect sun star for your landscape photos.