Lough Neagh, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

What ND Filters I Carry and Why

Athena Carey loves her ND Filters...and here is how she uses them to create stunning B/W photos.
Senja, Norway

Six Myths About Landscape Photography

Ugo Cei highlights some false norms about Landscape Photography and help focus your attention on things that matter.
Samoa waterfall

Why Fieldwork is Important

Clint Burkinshaw show us why good fieldwork will take your photography to the next level....And how to go about doing it.
VWMag - 2016 06 - June

VW Contest - Magic of Moving Water

Today we are announcing our second contest in partnership…
Storms and clouds give me the WOW factor!

Five Ideas to Develop Your Creative Eye in Photography

Professional photographer Christine Hauber gives you 5 simple exercises to help you develop a creative eye.
A self portrait under the milky way galaxy.

Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone

Peter Coskun explains why it can be so rewarding to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.
Florida, USA

Critical Skills for Nature Photography: Focus & Exposure

Nora at age 13 was able to capture stunning wildlife photos with two critical skills for Nature Photography: Focus & Exposure
Lightning Storm, Great Sand Dunes. Photograph by Sarah Marino

6 Essential Field Techniques for Using a Telephoto Lens

Sarah Marino explains how to effectively use your telephoto lens to get the sharpest possible photos.
Jupiter Elicius: Sender Of Rain

Tamara Pruessner - Photographing Lightning

Tamara Pruessner is also known for chasing storms just to return with some spectacular lightning photos.