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Photography Business

Identify your strengths… and your weaknesses.

Most of us start a business because we're good at something - but it's just as important to be aware of your weaknesses.
May 26, 2014/by Varina Patel

Success in Landscape Photography

What does "Success" mean to you? Brent Talks about his recent successes in landscape photography and business.
April 14, 2014/by Brent Mail

Selling From the Heart

As photographers we all have our favorite fine art prints displaying our own unique artistic styles but do they always sell?
December 13, 2013/by Jay Patel

Building a Photography Business

Professional Landscape and Wilderness Photographer Varina Patel gives 8 easy to follow tips to super charge your photography business.
July 1, 2013/by Varina Patel

Do you Keyword your Photos?

Keywords help you find your photographs when you need them - and they are often uploaded as metadata when you use your photos online.
June 6, 2013/by Varina Patel

Is it time to become a Pro Landscape Photographer?

Photography often starts as a hobby, but after a while, some landscape photographers start wondering if they could make it as full-time pros.
May 13, 2013/by Jay Patel

Put Your Brand On It!

If you're building a business as an photographer, you want your brand to stand to your clients. Here are tips on how to build your brand.
May 2, 2013/by Varina Patel

Should I Major in Art in College?

As a kid who dreamed of being a photographer and a parent who knows that art business is tough Varina will tries to answer this question.
March 21, 2013/by Varina Patel

Finding the Balance

We have six kids between us. We are always busy – homework, soccer, martial arts. So, how do we balance family and a photographic career?
September 5, 2011/by Varina Patel
Landscape Photography from Death Valley National Park, Californa

Where does an image end up?

How do you choose which images to show on your website gallery, which to share on social media and which to send to the stock agencies?
August 22, 2011/by Varina Patel