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Fieldwork & Equipment

Exposure bracketing example from Namaskard, Iceland

3 Common Exposure Bracketing Mistakes to Avoid

The idea of exposure bracketing is very simple but here are few mistakes that can ruin your landscape photos.
February 15, 2019/by Jay Patel
Cover photo for flower photography Blog about photographing orchids by Anne Belmont

Flower Photography: Capturing Stunning Orchid Photos

Anne Belmont share highly effective ideas for flower photography to capture stunning orchid photos indoors in winter months.
February 11, 2019/by Anne Belmont

Negative Space vs. Dead Space in Nature Photography

How to capture breathtaking landscape photos by learning to make the most of negative space - and to avoid dead space.
February 6, 2019/by Varina Patel

5 Winter photography tips to capture stunning photos

Mark Denney is here to get your started with winter photography that many others landscape photographers likely avoid.
January 28, 2019/by Mark Denney

Myth of bad light for landscape photography

As photographers, we all love the golden hours. But in reality there is no such thing as bad light for landscape photography.
January 9, 2019/by Kate Silvia
Landscape photography example from Arches National Park, Utah by Jay Patel

Beginner Landscape Photography – 7 Essential Steps to Master

Jay Patel shares 7 steps for beginner landscape photography that will allow you to make the most out of your brand new photography gear.
January 7, 2019/by Jay Patel

Top 3 landscape photography mistakes to avoid

Pro photographer Lace Andersen shares some of the common landscape photography mistakes that you should avoid to save time and money.
December 19, 2018/by Lace Andersen
Bird photography blog post cover by Gaurav Mittal

Bird Photography – 7 Step to Streamline your Workflow

Our resident bird expert Gaurav Mittal gives us some pointers for coming up with a streamlined bird photography workflow.
December 14, 2018/by Gaurav Mittal

Essential Photography Gear for Nature Photography

There are certain pieces of nature photography equipment that are crucial anytime you're out in the field. Here is what Jane Palmer carries.
December 12, 2018/by Jane Palmer

Mark Metternich’s Top 5 Landscape Photography Tips

Pro photographer Mark Metternich shares his top 5 non-conventional landscape photography tips to capture stunning landscape photos.
December 10, 2018/by Mark Metternich

How to choose which Camera Lenses to Purchase

Purchasing a new camera lens can be a daunting task. It's helpful to have some simple guidelines to help you pick the perfect new lens.
December 3, 2018/by Mark Denney
Utah Badlands from DJI Mavic Pro

Drone Photography For Landscape Photographers

Pro photographer Grant Collier talks about both basic and advanced techniques for drone photography to produce some unique landscape photos.
November 20, 2018/by Grant