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Post Processing

Cover photo for Landscape Photography blog post by Ugo Cei about Range Masks in Lightroom

How to use Range Masks in Lightroom

Pro photography Ugo Cei gives an in depth look at how to use Range Masks in Lightroom to take your landscape photography to the next level.
July 22, 2019/by Ugo Cei

Lightroom catalog management for Travel

Travel photographer Clint Burkinshaw discusses several helpful options for managing your Lightroom catalog for travel photographers.
June 27, 2019/by Clint Burkinshaw
Cover for Photoshop blog article about Dodging and Burning by Kate Silvia

Dodging & Burning for Landscape Photography Simplified

Pro photographer Kate Silvia shares a quick video about simplified dodging and burning technique in Photoshop for landscape photography.
June 19, 2019/by Kate Silvia
Cover for landscape photography article about post processing by Charlotte Gibb.

4 Effortless Post Processing Tips for Landscape Photography

Pro photographer Charlotte Gibb shares her high effective go to post-processing adjustments to take your landscape photography to the next level.
June 17, 2019/by Charlotte Gibb
Cover for Night Photography article by Varina Patel about photographing moon.

Night Photography: Tips for Capturing Moon

Here are some night photography tips from pro photographer Varina Patel to help create photo with exquisite details in the moon and in the foreground.
May 31, 2019/by Varina Patel
Cover photos for landscape photography article about histograms in photography by Jay Patel

How to use Histograms in Photography

Pro photographer Jay Patel shows us look at how to use histograms in photography to fine tune your camera exposure and post processing.
May 27, 2019/by Jay Patel

Six Tips for Improving Color Management

Here are some great color management tips from Mark Metternich for nature photographers to produce accurate images with vibrant colors and incredible details.
March 26, 2019/by Mark Metternich

Top 5 Post-Processing Tips for Nature Photographers

Jay Patel takes in in-depth look at look at post processing the mistakes that beginner nature photographers should avoid.
March 22, 2019/by Jay Patel

A Beginner’s Guide to Histograms in Photography

Here is an article by pro photographer Kate Silvia that gives you an insight into why and how you should be using histograms in photography.
March 11, 2019/by Kate Silvia
Landscape photography example from Arches National Park, Utah by Jay Patel

Beginner Landscape Photography – 7 Essential Steps to Master

Jay Patel shares 7 steps for beginner landscape photography that will allow you to make the most out of your brand new photography gear.
January 7, 2019/by Jay Patel

3 Essential reasons to use Lightroom Range Masks

Lightroom's Range Masks gives you an ability to apply a highly-targeted adjustment so that you can create breathtaking landscape photos.
November 27, 2018/by Mark Denney

5 Color Management Mistakes to Avoid

This article discusses the importance of a good color management workflow (and mistakes to avoid) in order to capture vibrant, stunning photos.
October 24, 2018/by Jay Patel