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Questions & Answers

Is it Ok to manipulate your photos?

Film photographer used darkroom and today we use Photoshop to manipulate photos. But there are ways to manipulate photos in camera.
October 4, 2012/by Varina Patel

How to Process a Moody Photograph

Conveying mood in a photograph requires a little extra care in your processing technique. We use Photoshop Layers & Mask to accomplish this.
October 1, 2012/by Jay Patel

Is it Photoshopped?

Have people told you your photos look “fake”, “too HDRish”, or that you used too much “photoshop magic”? – Here is how we answer them.
September 3, 2012/by Jay Patel

What’s it like to shoot with your better half?

Have you wondered what it’s like for a husband-and-wife landscape photographer team? Here is what happens on a typical photo shoot.
June 25, 2012/by Varina Patel

How do we determine proper exposure?

We use histograms on back of the camera to determine if an photo is properly exposed…And sometimes you need to bracket your exposure.
June 18, 2012/by Jay Patel

Why do you need Photoshop Layers and Masks?

Why we need to understand Photoshop Layers and Masks when we can easily blend images using HDR software? Here is our explanation.
March 26, 2012/by Jay Patel
Landscape photography from Wanka, New Zealand

Do the composition rules matter?

Compositional rules might make a photo more appealing, and it’s important to know the rules. But, aren’t all rules meant to be broken?
March 22, 2012/by Varina Patel

Finding the Balance

We have six kids between us. We are always busy – homework, soccer, martial arts. So, how do we balance family and a photographic career?
September 5, 2011/by Varina Patel
Landscape Photography from Death Valley National Park, Californa

Where does an image end up?

How do you choose which images to show on your website gallery, which to share on social media and which to send to the stock agencies?
August 22, 2011/by Varina Patel

Q and A: What Makes a Winner?

How can a photographer select a “winner” for entry in competition? There’s no sure answer, but there are a few things to consider.
May 20, 2011/by Varina Patel