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Fieldwork & Equipment

Case study for Telephoto Lenses for Nature Photography Tutorial

7 Reasons to Use Telephoto Lenses for Nature Photography

Professional photographer Jay Patel shares some compelling reasons why you should pack telephoto lenses for every nature photography expedition.
August 11, 2019/by Jay Patel
Long exposure photography at Skogafoss Waterfall with ND Filters, Iceland

ND Filters: 3 Effective Tips for Long Exposure Photography

Christina Donadi explains how to prevent unwanted light entering your camera when using ND Filters for long exposure photography.
August 9, 2019/by Chrissy Donadi
Cover for landscape photography blog post about how to clean your tripod by Varina Patel.

How to Clean Your Tripod

It’s important to clean your tripod regularly specially if you been photographing in sand, salt water, or swamps. Here is how Varina Patel does it.
August 7, 2019/by Varina Patel
Cover for Low Light Landscape Photography blog article by Anne Mckinnell

5 Effective Tips for Low Light Landscape Photography

Low light landscape photography can be challenging for beginners. Here are few tips to get you started from Anne McKinnell.
August 2, 2019/by Anne McKinnell
Cover back-lit Wildlife Photography blog post by Rahul Sachdev

Wildlife Photography: How to capture stunning Back-lit Photos

Wildlife Photographer Rahul Sachdev show us how back lighting can create some dramatic wildlife photos.
July 31, 2019/by Rahul Sachdev
Cover for Beginner Landscape Photography Blog post by Jay Patel

Beginner Landscape Photography: 3 Steps for Getting Started

From equipment to post processing here three simple steps for beginner landscape photography by pro photographer Jay Patel.
July 29, 2019/by Jay Patel
Cover for landscape photography blog about photographing National Parks by QT Loung

National Parks Photography Tips by QT Loung

Pro Photographer QT Luong share's his vision for National Parks Photography and how he goes about capturing breath taking photos.
July 24, 2019/by Infocus Guest Author
Cover for Landscape photography blog about hyperfocal distance by Jay Patel.

Hyperfocal Distance: 5 Popular Myths Debunked

Pro Photographer Jay Patel shares some of the more popular myths surrounding Hyperfocal distance and why you should ignore them.
July 16, 2019/by Jay Patel
Cover for macro photography blog article for beginners by Jaymes Dempsey

5 Useful Tips for Beginner Macro Photography

Are you looking to get into macro photography? Do you want to…
July 10, 2019/by Jaymes Dempsey
Cover for Landscape Photography article on shutter speed by Varina Patel.

What Shutter Speed should I use for Landscape Photography?

Shutter speed is one of the many variable that can be used in landscape photography. Here are few tips from Varina Patel to get your started.
July 8, 2019/by Varina Patel
Cover photo for Landscape photography blog about camera lens

Nature Photography: What camera lens should I use?

Choosing the right camera lens for nature photography is a balancing act between several competing objectives. Here is how Francesco Carucci does it.
July 3, 2019/by Francesco Carucci
Cover photo for Landscape photography blog article about photography exposure and camera modes by Mark Denney

What Camera Modes should I use for Nature Photography?

Mark Denney provides explains how photography exposure and camera modes work together and which camera mode to use for nature photography.
June 21, 2019/by Mark Denney