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Fieldwork & Equipment

Travel photography example of a buddhist Monk in Tham Phu Kham cave by Clint Burkinshaw

Essential Travel Photography Equipment for every Trip

Pro photographer Clint Burkinshaw gives insights into what travel photography equipment to bring along on your next adventure.
May 8, 2019/by Clint Burkinshaw
Dramatic Light in Landscape Photography over Wotan’s Crescendo, Crater Lake by Mark Metternich

How to capture dramatic Light in Landscape Photography

Mark Metternich gives us in-depth look at how to go about capturing breath taking photos with dramatic light in landscape photography.
May 6, 2019/by Mark Metternich
Landscape Photography with a wide angle lens, Krka National Park, Croatia by Ugo Cei

5 Strategies to Tame a Wide Angle Lens

Ugo Cei give some great insight on how he goes about taking charge of his wide angle lens to capture stunning landscape and travel photos.
May 3, 2019/by Ugo Cei
Cover photo for Landscape photography at Cover photo of Cannibal Bay, New Zealand for Landscape photography blog article by Jay Patel

Landscape Photography Workflow for Beginners

Professional photographer Jay Patel provides several landscape photography tips to provide an easier learning experience for beginners.
May 1, 2019/by Jay Patel
Moonbow in Halema‘uma‘u Crater, Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii by CJ Kale

How to Photograph a Moonbow

Hawaii based pro photograph CJ Kale give bring us an in depth landscape photography tutorial on how to photograph a moonbow.
April 26, 2019/by CJ Kale
HDR Photography example from Mana Island, Fiji by Jay Patel

2 Mistakes to avoid with HDR Photography

Pro photographer David Johnston share two common mistakes to avoid when attempting to use exposure bracketing for HDR Photography.
April 24, 2019/by David Johnston
Cover photo for flower photography blog about photographing tulips by Anne Belmont

Flower Photography: How to Capture Breathtaking Photos of Tulips

Photographing tulips is a fun way to kick off flower photography season and put your macro photography skills to work. Here are some tips by Anne Belmont.
April 17, 2019/by Anne Belmont
Landscape Photography captured with a ND filter at Whitehorse Falls by

6 Variables that Impact Colors in Landscape Photography

Patricia Davidson takes an in depth look at the factors that impact colors in landscape photography and how she uses them to capture awesome photos.
April 1, 2019/by Patricia Davidson

Top 5 Tips for majestic Mountain Photography

Kate Silvia offers highly effective mountain photography tips to make sure that you may come way with some breathtaking photos of the majestic mountains.
March 20, 2019/by Kate Silvia

Wide Angle Lenses – 5 Challenges to Overcome

Pro photographer Mark Denney shares few challenges to overcome when shooting with wide angle lenses for landscape photography.
March 18, 2019/by Mark Denney

How to Use Your Wide Angle Lens the Right Way

David Johnston shares a few tips on how to use your wide angle lens to harness the lens distortion for foregrounds and backgrounds.
March 15, 2019/by David Johnston

A Beginner’s Guide to Histograms in Photography

Here is an article by pro photographer Kate Silvia that gives you an insight into why and how you should be using histograms in photography.
March 11, 2019/by Kate Silvia