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Questions & Answers

Cover for landscape photography blog article about social media by Lace Andersen

Does Social Media Control Your Landscape Photography?

Pro photographer Lace Andersen shares her thoughts on how playing the game to win likes and shares on social media drives landscape photography.
July 1, 2019/by Lace Andersen
HDR Photography Example with exposure bracketing, Lower Falls, Hocking Hills, Ohio

HDR Photography – When is exposure bracketing necessary?

Jane Palmer show us how histograms in photography can be used to determine if an landscape photos needs exposure bracketing for HDR Photography.
April 29, 2019/by Jane Palmer
Crete Senesi, Tuscany, Italy

Why Nature Photographers should go for Quantity over Quality

Ugo Cei makes a compelling arguments why Nature Photographers should take lots of photos at all times of day.
April 19, 2019/by Ugo Cei
Landscape Photography in Glacier National Park, Montana by Varina Patel

How many Megapixels do I need for Landscape Photography?

Since the start of the digital era, camera makers have been in a race for the highest megapixel count. But, how many megapixels are enough?
April 3, 2019/by Jay Patel
Landscape Photography Article on Photography Filters by Jay Patel

Are Graduated Neutral Density Filters Still Relevant?

Is it better to use Graduated Neutral Density Filters in the field, or high dynamic range (HDR) processing in Photoshop for nature photos?
February 18, 2019/by Jay Patel
Slow shutter speed Landscape photography blog cover by Jay patel

What’s your personal photographic style?

Understanding and analyzing your own personal photographic style is important for developing and improving your skills.
February 1, 2019/by Francesco Carucci

When to convert to Black and White

Lace Andersen provides some tips in determining which scenes and subjects may work well for black and white nature photography.
January 25, 2019/by Lace Andersen
Landscape photography blog article cover by Josh Cripps

The Single Best Investment for Landscape Photography

Joshua Cripps tells us about why it's more important to invest in experiences, not equipment will do wonders for your landscape photography portfolio.
January 22, 2019/by Joshua Cripps

Am I ready for a camera upgrade?

“I just bought the latest and greatest camera! Now I'll take much better pictures!” – Will a camera upgrade help you take better photos?
October 27, 2018/by Jay Patel

How to get started with Landscape Photography

Beginners should master both technical skills AND a creative/fine-tuned workflow to gets started with landscape photography.
October 26, 2018/by Jay Patel

What New Camera Should I Purchase?

Mark Denney shares his thoughts when he begins to ponder whether or not now is the time to make a new camera purchase.
September 26, 2018/by Mark Denney

Should Nature Photographers Stage a Scene?

We will often stage a scene by placing an object (a leaf or a rock) in a particular spot. What do other nature photographers think about this?
August 22, 2018/by Varina Patel