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Questions & Answers

What does it take to get awesome travel photos?

According to Ugo Cei capturing awesome travel photos require sacrifice, prowess, and the ability to balance different aspects of your life.
August 1, 2018/by Ugo Cei
Exposure Blending Photoshop Tutorials sample file from Kirkjufoss, Iceland

Do your nature photos have enough details?

When post processing nature photos how do you know when you need more detail, and when you don’t?
July 2, 2018/by Jay Patel
Cover for Landscape Photography article on shutter speed by Varina Patel.

Is it fair to manipulate a landscape photo?

Is it “fair” to manipulate a landscape photo? Does it make a difference if the manipulation happens in-camera or in Photoshop?
June 20, 2018/by Varina Patel

When landscape photographers face a challenging situation

Landscape photographer Lace Andersen shares her ideas about how to deal with a challenging situations.
May 24, 2018/by Lace Andersen

Why Magic Hour is Overrated

Josh Cripps wants to break the shackles of magic hour and show us that wonderful photographs can be taken around the clock.
May 21, 2018/by Joshua Cripps

Why Landscape Photographers Should Diversify

Landscape photographers who diversify their photography approach will be rewarded with a very strong portfolio.
April 11, 2018/by Jay Patel

Why shooting in RAW Mode is not cheating

“My wife keeps telling me (she shoots jpeg) that my final images are not ‘real’ because they were shot in RAW Mode" – What do you think?
April 9, 2018/by Varina Patel

What Camera Lenses Should You Own?

Which camera lenses should a landscape photographer own? Here are few tips from Pedro Kin to help you with this question.
December 18, 2017/by Pedro Kin

Why I’m Addicted to Telephoto Landscapes

Josh Cripps explains why he loves to capture landscape photos with it telephoto lens.
September 27, 2017/by Joshua Cripps
Annular Solar Eclipse Over Arizona

Astro Photography: How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse

Pro photographer Grant Collier answers some frequently asked questions to capture the upcoming Solar Eclipse.
August 9, 2017/by Grant
Landscape Photography Article on Photography Filters by Varina Patel

Why are photography filters different shapes?

Pro photographer Varina Patel explains why photography filters come in Square, Rectangular, Round shapes.
August 7, 2017/by Varina Patel

Should Photographers Share Their Locations?

Lace Andersen tries to address the question that many landscape photographers struggle with: Should I share the location of my photos?
July 12, 2017/by Lace Andersen