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Questions & Answers

What’s in Your Camera Bag?

Landscape photographer Peter Coskun explain what he carries in his camera bag and why.
June 28, 2017/by Peter Coskun
Cover photo for landscape photography blog article about getting sharp focus everytime by Varina Patel

How can I get sharp focus every time?

There are various reasons why you might have problems getting sharp focus in your photos. Here are some tips for solving the problem.
June 19, 2017/by Varina Patel

What Aperture should I use for Nature Photography?

Having trouble deciding what Aperture to shoot for? Here are few tips from pro photographer Clint Burkinshaw.
June 1, 2017/by Clint Burkinshaw

How many photos is too many?

I generally shoot lots of photos – but as I shoot, I delete the ones that aren’t worth keeping. Let me walk you through a typical shoot.
May 24, 2017/by Varina Patel

Do I Need A New Camera?

Do you really need a New Camera? Here is what Lace Andersen has to say about it.
April 24, 2017/by Lace Andersen
Landscape photography blog cover for article on photography composition by Jay Patel

Full Frame or Crop Factor Camera?

"I need a full frame camera because it is better than a crop factor camera." Right? Here is our take on it.
February 13, 2017/by Jay Patel

What do you wear for cold weather photography?

What do you wear for cold weather photography when you kn
ow you’ll be spending part of the time standing in cold water?
February 1, 2017/by Varina Patel
Landscape Photography Article on ND Filters by Varina Patel

Iconic Locations: Why do you keep going back?

Do you believe that some iconic locations have been photographed so often that there's no way to get a unique photo? I don't think so!
January 18, 2017/by Varina Patel
This little bird had the beach all to himself one morning. Captiva, FL USA April 2014 ©2014 Elle Bruce

Why a Photography Portfolio is Invaluable

Elle Bruce explains why photography portfolio is an important part of your photographic journey
December 16, 2016/by Elle Bruce

How I Conquered the Camera Gear Carrying Conundrum

Anne McKinnell describes her journey to find a perfect carrying bag for all the camera gear she has to carry.
September 8, 2016/by Anne McKinnell

What photography gear to get for $5000?

Jay tries to answer one of the most frequently asked questions: What photography gear should I get for Landscape Photography?
August 3, 2016/by Jay Patel

Is it Better to Photograph Nature Alone?

Is it best to pursue nature photography on your own? After all being in nature can be great for contemplation, peace, & quiet.
January 4, 2016/by Erin Babnik