Creative Challenges – Capturing Motion

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Capturing motion in your photographs requires you to have a very good control over your camera’s setting. However, your technical skills alone cannot guarantee photos with impact. To create a photo that captures motion and has impact, you will also need to get creative. Here are few examples that showcase motion:

  • Big Island, Hawaii

    Big Island, Hawaii

  • Aspen. Colorado

    Aspen, Colorado

  • Maui, Hawaii (HI), USA

  • Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

  • Skogar, Iceland

  • Evening Light on Mount Rundle – Banff National Park – Alberta, Canada

Objective: Create a series of images with motion as the central theme.

What You Will Learn

  • How to capture many different types of motion with your photography.
  • How a fast shutter speed can freeze motion and capture details that aren’t easily seen with the human eye.
  • How a slow shutter speed can eliminate distractions and cpture patterns by blurring motion.
  • How blending multiple exposures can help you to capture extremely slow motion or only select motion in the scene.
  • How to creatively embrace motion in the field instead of fighting it.

Here is a video in which Varina walks us through her thought process in the field as decides which camera settings to use as she captures different types of motion. She provides examples of motion at several different shutter speeds and offers some inspiration for making the most of the motion in your environment.

Are you ready to jump in and get started? Feel free to submit your images in the comments below:

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