Creative Challenges – Noticing Details

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When you are surrounded by magnificent grand vistas at a location, it is often hard to notice the details. Taking some time to slow down and observe details present at the scene can yield spectacular results like these…

  • Details in a Flower, Ohio

    Details in a Flower, Ohio

  • Tides Pools, Redwood National Forest, California

    Tide Pools, Redwood Forest National Park, California

  • Broken Heart, Death Valley National Park, CA

    Broken Heart, Death Valley National Park, CA

  • Big Island, Hawaii (HI), USA

Objective:  Move in close to your subject to capture details.

What You Will Learn

  • How to look past the obvious elements of a composition and start noticing interesting details.
  • How using special equipment – such as a macro lens, tripod, diffuser, and reflector – can help to make your subject stand out.
  • How to enhance details by controlling and manipulating the light and environment around your subject.
  • How to simplify your compositions by blurring the background and eliminating distracting elements.
  • How to choose which part of your subject to emphasize in order to create an eye-catching, highly-detailed image.

What to Expect in the Video

Varina explains the importance of paying attention to the small details in your environment. She also shows how moving in close to your subject can help you to highlight its most interesting characteristics. She offers a few examples of simple, minimalist compositions that are all about detail and she talks about the equipment and camera techniques that will help you to get the job done.

Are you ready to jump in and get started? Feel free to submit your images in the comments below:

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