Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Did you get a brand new Digital Camera or Camera lens for Christmas? Do you know anyone who love to take photos in your family. If this is the case few are few last minute gift ideas for you.


Beginner landscape photographers with a brand new DSLR will benefit from understanding how to use exposure, focus and compose to capture stunning photos. This understanding will dramatically increase your chances of coming away with a stunning image.


Knowing that your camera alone cannot capture these images properly, you must be familiar with other photography equipment and techniques (bracketing, GND and ND filters, circular polarizers, diffusers, and reflectors) that allow you to manipulate or control the light effectively.


Today most cameras, except maybe some smart phones and low-end point-and-shoot types, have RAW file capabilities. A RAW file is like having a digital negative; it’s not yet in a viewable format but it maintains most of the image’s original information. In this format, you can manipulate the image file ‘after the fact’ to create what you think is the best image. Here are some tutorials to get you started:


Once you’re finished processing your images with a RAW converter, you may still feel that they are not processed exactly as you want them to be. For post- or advanced processing work, we suggest you become familiar with photo processing tools such as Photoshop. Visual Wilderness offers Photoshop Tutorials specially designed by and for nature photographers:

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