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IF-Nov15 Inspiration

WOW!! These are spectacular!

This is the first thought that pops up into my mind when I see images like these. I feel energized and inspired by stunning landscape photos. They make me dream. They me want to travel to see exotic locations. But most of all they stir me to create. So, of course, my next thought is:

What does it take to create photos like these?

  • Camera with Manual Exposure controls
  • A Zoom Lens (Normal zoom would be perfect lens to start)
  • Accessories: Tripod & Filters (Circular Polarzier, Neutral Density Filter, Graduated Neutral Density Filters)
  • Photography & Post Processing Knowledge

Although the subject matter is beautiful and vast, it is surprisingly easy to get started in nature photography. All you need is mirrorless or DSLR camera with a manual exposure, a zoom lens, a tripod, some filters and post-processing software. If you already have the necessary gear, all that’s left for you to obtain is a little bit of knowledge.

This is where our InFocus Deals come in. We offer a carefully selected collection of top-quality educational materials created by acclaimed photographers and instructors from all over the world. When you take part in our InFocus Deals, you can be confident that you are learning from the best. And, more importantly, you are giving yourself that little bit of knowledge you need so you can take what you’ve learned and immerse yourself in the great outdoors- and start building a spectacular portfolio.

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About Author Jay Patel

I could startoff like this – “Seeds of Jay Patel’s appreciation for beautiful places were planted early in his childhood….” but it would get boring really fast. I will just sum it up and say that I am a Landscape and Wilderness Photographer who loves to capture dramatic light. My photographs have been published in various magazines, calendars and advertising materials throughout the world.

Patience is a virtue...unless you are chasing your dreams


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