What Sells: BIG Canvas Prints

Point Lobos State Park - California, USA Would you be surprised if I told you that giclée canvas prints are some of our biggest sellers? There’s just nothing like a really BIG print that makes a statement or ties a room together. In most cases, I don’t get to see a print after it’s hung, so it was a real treat to be able to see this one in its place of honor over the fireplace. This canvas print is hanging in a beautifully decorated home near Atlanta, GA. The colors in the room were actually chosen to match the print – the entire room is coordinated to match the colors in the photograph. I wish I could give you a tour of the whole house – which is a work of art itself. I guess this little shot Jay took with his iPhone will have to suffice. 🙂 smith-print-copy   Canvas prints are more expensive – especially really big ones… but most people hang them without a frame, since they stand alone so well. So they avoid the expense of framing, making the price much easier to swallow. If you are selling your photographs, consider offering them on canvas at large size! A photo printed at that size packs a whole lot of punch!

About Author Varina Patel

There is nothing more remarkable to me than the power of nature. It is both cataclysmic and subtle. Slow and continuous erosion by water and wind can create landscapes every bit as astonishing as those shaped by catastrophic events – and minuscule details can be as breathtaking as grand vistas that stretch from one horizon to the other. Nature is incredibly diverse. Burning desert sands and mossy riverbanks… Brilliant sunbeams and fading alpenglow… Silent snowfall and raging summer storms… Each offers a unique opportunity. I am irresistibly drawn to the challenge of finding my next photograph, and mastering the skills required to capture it effectively.

  • yardstick

    Can I ask from where you had this printed? If it was a printing service, do you recommend them?

    • This one was done using a local printer who is familiar with Fine Arts printing. We have used Bay Photo in the past to print large prints (Upto 40 Inches) on canvas with very good results.

  • AWESOME work. That’s absolutely huge – love it! May I ask what dimensions these big canvas’s you sell are??

    • Thanks, Clint. 🙂 I think the Canvas was 60 inches on the longest side. It was really cool to see it hanging.

  • Michael PA

    You’re spot on right. BUT! Don’t forget acrylic!
    I sell my prints large mostly in acrylic format. Either way, BIG always has the WOW factor you’re right.

    • Michael,

      Thanks for that input. We have not sold any acrylic prints, but we have seen our stock images printed on Acrylic. 😉