Composing Photos with Leading Lines

Leading lines are one of those elegant elements of an effective composition that lots of photographers are eager to use. Leading lines direct the viewer’s attention through a photograph or toward an object of interest. But finding leading lines in nature is not always that easy… or is it?

With a bit of creativity, you can come up with all kinds of examples of leading lines in nature. The video below show how I have used a variety of elements in nature to create leading lines. These elements include:

  • Rivers
  • Trails
  • Erosion patterns on sandstone
  • Bubbles on the surface of water
  • The edge of a sand dune
  • Long lakes – with the help of a wide angle lens
  • The line between sand and water
  • Salt formations in the desert
  • Mud patterns on a canyon floor

Next time you are in need of a leading line, look around you and remember to think outside the box. You’ll start seeing leading lines that others might never notice.

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