Creative Nature Photography Tutorial

– by Varina Patel

A beginners guide to develop out-of-box thinking and creativity to build a diverse portfolio outside the golden hours.

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When we talk to our students and other photographers, we often find that creativity is much harder to learn then technical skills. One of the most frequently asked questions is –

How do you develop creativity?

Unfortunately there is no quick and simple cookie cutter approach to learning creativity. Instead we ask students to challenge themselves which then forces them to see creatively. Here is free video course that will help you develop creative vision.


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Ch1: What Is Creative Photography?

Ch2: Why creativity is important?

Ch3: How To Develop Creativity

CC01: Monochromatic Colors

CS02: Minimalism vs. Inclusiveness

CC03: Capturing Motion

CC04: Contemplating Contrast

CC05: Noticing Details

Ch4: Conclusion

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