Lens Comparison by Paul Marcellini

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Photographing wildlife is always challenging unless you are in a place where wildlife is accustomed to humans. Paul Marcellini, a professional landscape photographer from Florida, demonstrates how he uses different lens (from a 500mm zoom to a 15mm fisheye) to photograph a friendly Cormorant. The resulting images provide an idea of how each lens impacts negative space around the subject.

Paul Marcellini

Paul Marcellini

Braving mosquitoes, horseflies, snakes, alligators, and constant heat, I set out into the unknown, alone, in search of the unspoiled scenes of Wild Florida. I hope my images share a fraction of the beauty Florida has to offer. I have won awards, been published internationally, and done all the other stuff photographers say to pat themselves on the back. What matters to me though, is that I produce images people want in their homes. If you have any questions about natural Florida, my prints, or a tour, feel free to ask!

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