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Our downloadable eBooks cover a wide variety of photographic concepts, bringing you easy-to-read lessons on any device. Whether you’re on a cell phone, tablet, or computer, improving your outdoor photography has never been so easy!

40+ Tips For Getting More From Your Camera!

What if you could produce great photos right away –…

The Workflow Series – Details & Macro

This is the fourth eBook in our wildly popular Workflow…

The Complete Collection

The Complete Collection includes every single ebook…

The Apprentice Series

So, you don't know which eBooks to start with? Or maybe…

The Workflow Series

So, you want to learn from the pros - but you can't…

What the heck is a Histogram?

This in-depth guide to histograms provides all the information…

Vibrant Colors

Varina and Jay can't count the number of times they've…

The Workflow Series – Mountains

This is the third eBook in the wildly popular Workflow…

Learning to See

Learning to see creatively is about thinking outside…

The Workflow Series – Coastlines

How To Catch The Waves Landscape photographers love…

The Workflow Series – Waterfalls

Waterfalls are majestic and beautiful, but they bring…

Gestalt Principles of Perception

Gestalt is a German word that refers to the “essence…


As landscape photographers, we are trained to look…

What happens at a workshop stays at a workshop

What People are Saying You've been thinking…

How to choose a Tripod


Following the Light

What People are Saying Glacier National Park…

Photographing France

A family trip is a daunting proposal by any standards…

Exploring Iceland

What People are Saying Iceland is a deceptively-named…

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