Video Course Bundles

Focus Bundle

Save $40 when you buy In Sharp Focus and Hyper Focal Distance Courses as a bundle.
$149.00 $109.00Sale!

Histograms Exposed Bundle

Save $20 when you purchase The Histogram Exposed and Adobe Camera RAW Tutorials as a Bundle
$118.00 $98.00Sale!

Spot on Exposure Bundle

Save $30 when you purchase Spot on Exposure and Lightroom: Master RAW Processing as a Bundle.
$148.00 $118.00Sale!

Exposure Bundle

Save $65 when you purchase Spot on Exposure, Histogram Exposed and Bracketing Exposed as a Bundle
$223.00 $158.00Sale!

Bracketing and Blending Bundle

Save $30 when you purchase Bracketing Exposed Course and Extended Dynamic Range Tutorials as a Bundle.
$150.00 $120.00Sale!

Behind the Lens Bundle

Save more when you purchase Behind the Lens Course and Photoshop for Landscape Photographers as a Bundle
$214.00 $149.00Sale!

Essential Filters Bundle

Save $30 when you purchase Essential Filters Course and AAdobe Camera RAW Tutorials as a Bundle
$156.00 $126.00Sale!
Creating Impact

Creating Impact Vol-1 Bundle

Save 35% when you purchase Creating Impact Course and Practical Lightroom Vol-1 as a Bundle
$134.00 $99.00Sale!

Getting it Right in Camera Bundle

No matter what weather you encounter or equipment you own, this course will teach you how to capture stunning landscape photos right in the camera.
$200.00 $160.00Sale!

Creating Impact Vol-2 Bundle

Save when you purchase Creating Impact Course Vol-2 and Practical Lightroom Vol-3 as a Bundle
$130.00 $99.00Sale!

In Sharp Focus Bundle

Save when you purchase In Sharp Focus Course (2nd Edition) and Practical Lightroom Vol-4 as a Bundle.
$135.00 $99.00Sale!

What Customers are Saying

I didn’t know Histograms could be so easily manipulated with such awesome results. I purchased this a few weeks, ago, and have viewed all the videos five or six times. Having been a public school teacher for 40+ years before retiring, I know what makes excellent teaching, and you, two, are some of the best instructors I’ve seen in the field of photography. Keep up the great work, and keep adding new additions to your ebooks and videos collections.
Michael KaiserGeorgetown, USA

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