Create a Logo using your Signature

Vik, Iceland. Here I used my unique signature and website address.

Your Unique Photographs, Your Unique Branding

If you have spent a good deal of time on the internet, you’ve noticed that different photographers use different means of adding a watermark or brand to their images. Some use logos while others use signatures. And many use the most common method of utilizing the Type Tool in Photoshop to type in their name. But what if you want something that is uniquely yours and not something someone else has created for you? 

Adding a Unique Signature to Your Photographs – a Video Tutorial

In this video, I show you the easiest way to create your own unique signature for any uploaded image. In addition, these signatures can be used for lab-printed images on products such as aluminum or face-mounted acrylics (many pens, even sharpies, can be wiped off using alcohol or acetate). Or maybe you are using a site such as Fine Art America that prints your work and ships it directly to the customer. For each of these situations, a permanent digital signature is a great solution.

In the first part of the video, I show you how to create a transparent .png file that can be used in any software program as well as in Smartphone apps that incorporate layers. In the second half of the video, I show you an easy way to use the brush tool to easily add as many watermark components as needed such as your logo, signature, and/or web address.

Follow along in this short video tutorial.

About Author Christine Hauber

The current that underlies Christine Hauber's work is the concept of serenity in a world of chaos. With 25 years of professional photography experience, she continues to be attracted to the simplicity of the minimal and thus makes every effort to be a faithful visual recorder of the world around her. She wishes for her images to distill scenes ranging from the ephemeral to the eternal, from the abstruse to the symbolic. As a dedicated artist, she strives constantly to explore and expand her definition of the splendor and mysterious in life and nature. Her images have an ethereal and enduring quality.

Christine's work is published in various books, magazines and websites and has been printed and hangs in homes and offices worldwide. She teaches private photography workshops worldwide focusing on the needs of each unique client.