Actions: Creating Frames and Watermarks

Today, we have a little gift for you. We’ve added a couple of new actions to our free collection and you can download the whole set for your own personal use! Feel free to adapt and change the actions to fit your needs!

People frequently ask us how we create the frames around the images we post on the web. So, we took some time to put together a collection of framing and watermark actions for those who might be interested in using them. You can download the complete set with this link:

Download Actions:   

Just save the file on your computer, and then open Photoshop. Click on the drop-down menu at the top of the Actions Palette, and choose “Load Action”. Then, just browse to the location where you saved it and click on the file. It will appear in your list of actions. To run the action, just open any photograph and hit the play button.

Please be sure to use the “Save As” or “Save for Web” option to save your finished file. You don’t want to save over your original file!

Each of these actions will resize, convert to sRGB (for accurate color in most browsers), and sharpen your image. You can choose from a variety of action to produce a frame or a watermark to your specifications.

Black Frame – Create a black frame around your image. It can be personalized with your name or a title – or gibberish. Whatever makes you happy.

White Frame – Same as the black frame. Only it’s white. Go figure. 🙂

Overlay Copyright – Maybe you don’t want a frame. Some people prefer to place a copyright message directly on their image. This action does just that – creating a smooth, dark band underneath your personalized copyright text so that it stands out clearly on any photograph.

Overlay Watermark Letter or Symbol – This action produces a letter or copyright symbol that appears as a watermark on your photo – you can choose the font, size, and position for the watermark.

And the newest actions? Here you go!

Logo w/Black Background – This one actually allows you to use your own logo as a watermark on your photo – the sample image is at the top of the post. How cool is that? The action prompts you to choose the logo image file from your computer. Use this one if your logo has a black background…

Logo w/White Background – … and use this one if your logo has a white background!

And that’s all folks! We’d love to hear from you if you are using and liking these actions. Remember, each can be customized for your personal use. Have fun with them!

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