HDR for Nature Photography Lightroom Tutorial Cover

HDR for Nature Photography in Lightroom

HDR for Nature Photography in Lightroom

-by David Johnston

A step-by-step workflow to create spectacular natural-looking high dynamic range images in Lightroom.



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What’s Included?

  • Instant Access to downloadable video files.
  • 9 teaching videos for photographers who want to learn to create stunning photos using HDR for Nature Photography Workflow.
  • More than 60 minutes of video content – in-depth explanations, examples, workflow, and case studies.
  • Easy-to-follow Lightroom tutorials presented by professional photographer David Johnston.
  • Special post processing walk-through for Cases Studies from Varina and Jay Patel’s Bracketing Exposed course.

What You’ll Learn

  • Discover how Merge-to-HDR in Lightroom can be used to create realistic natural-looking nature photos.
  • We’ll show you how to go beyond Lightroom’s Merge-to-HDR tool with global adjustments, brushes, and range masks to create spectacular nature photos.
  • Learn to evaluate the histogram to locate various tones in your nature photos.
  • Discover effective techniques to avoid overcooked HDR look and ghosting in your finished landscape photos.
  • Learn how to make adjustments within Lightroom to maximize dynamic range in a single exposure.
  • We’ll share limitations HDR for Nature Photography workflow so you will know when to effectively use this technique.

What Customers are Saying

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Is HDR for Nature Photography Tutorial for me?

This tutorial is for you if:

  • You have a basic knowledge of RAW processing Lightroom.
  • You want to learn to get the most detail and dynamic range for nature photography.
  • You want to go beyond Merge-to-HDR to create spectacular natural-looking nature photos.
  • You want to know how pro landscape photographers fine tune their HDR images in Lightroom using global adjustments, brushes, and range masks.

    You want to know how to avoid overcooked HDR look and ghosting in your finished landscape photos.

This tutorial might not be the right fit if:

  • You are just getting started in post processing. If you don’t know how to use Lightroom, you may want to find out more before you start this course.
  • You want to learn the basics. You’ll get the most from this course if you have some knowledge of RAW Processing in Lightroom.
  • You want in-depth explanations of how your global & local adjustment work in Lightroom. In this course, we assume you have some knowledge of how global & local adjustment are used.
  • If you want to learn about camera settings including bracketing, exposure, focus and composition. This course is focused on post processing only.

About HDR for Nature Photography Tutorial

HDR for Nature Photography tutorial is packed full of easy-to-follow explanations, rich examples, and in-depth case studies. You will learn a step-by-step workflow to use merge-to-HDR, global adjustments and local adjustments, and more to create breath taking nature photos that match your vision.

Here are some case studies included in this Lightroom Tutorial:

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