Landscape Photography Tutorial - Getting it Right in Camera V2 Cover

Getting it Right in Camera: V2

– By Colby Brown and Chip Phillips

Go beyond technical skills and capture stunning photos right in camera—regardless of the conditions.



Video tutorials worth $2200 for just $14.95/mo.

What’s Included?

  • Instant access to downloadable video files.
  • Easy-to-follow case studies presented by professional photographer Colby Brown.
  • Includes Lightroom Tutorials for the case studies by Chip Phillips
  • 10 teaching videos for photographers who want to learn RAW Processing in Adobe Lightroom.
  • 60+ Minutes of video content – in-depth explanations, examples, and case studies.

What You’ll Learn

Go beyond mastering technical skills to come away with stunning landscape photos right in camera, just like the pros.

Find out how to use Auto ISO mode for aerial and wildlife photography.

How to use multiple photographic filters to capture smooth flow lines in the water at Öxarárfoss even in midday light.

Learn how to set up your camera’s focus tracking mechanism to capture birds in flight

Discover how choosing the correct depth of field can simplify your compositions while trying to capture those gorgeous puffins.

Gain access to step-by-step case studies covering topics as diverse as Iceland’s terrain- from focusing on puffins in motion to creating fine art abstracts from a moving plane to capturing.

Learn concepts in straightforward, non-technical terms that make it easy to understand how to capture stunning landscape photos right in camera.

What Customers are Saying

Landscape Photography Tutorial: Getting it Right in Camera V2

-By Colby Brown

When it comes to getting it right in camera, there is no one formula. You’ll have to be familiar with both your camera settings and your equipment, choose a composition that works for your location and be able to adapt to varying light and weather conditions – all while keeping your unique vision in mind! Volume 2 of Getting It Right In Camera follows professional photographer Colby Brown on his 18th trip to Iceland as he treks off the beaten path in pursuit of puffins and unnamed waterfalls and creatively navigates the challenges of shooting in the ever-changing conditions of nature.

Lightrooom Tutorial

-By Chip Phillips

In the Lightroom Tutorials Chip Phillips takes you through the entire editing process of Case Studies from Getting it Right in Camera Vol-2. from beginning to final product. This video will give you a pretty good idea of the process behind my approach, and the steps involved in editing an entire photo from start to finish. Some of the techniques I use in this video include:

  • How to effectively use Basic Raw Adjustments in Lightroom such as: Clarity, Vibrance, Saturation, White balance
  • Techniques to fine tune an image using tonal adjustments including exposure, highlights, shadows, blacks, and curves
  • Get your photo ready for a large print by performing noise removal, eliminating chromatic aberrations and image sharpening.
  • When to use Lightroom new DeHaze filter to bring out details and textures.

Are you ready to start capturing stunning photos?

Go beyond technical skills and capture stunning photos right in camera—regardless of the conditions.


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