Forever Light: The Landscape Photographer’s Guide to Iceland

-Second Edition, by Sarah Marino & Ron Coscorrosa


What’s Included:

  • Size: 127 Pages, 48MB, 130+ high resolution photos
  • Format:  eBook, PDF format
  • Requirement:  Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or greater or other PDF reader

What You’ll Learn

  • How to get to and photograph many of Iceland’s top locations for nature and landscape photography (more information below).
  • How to maximize your time in Iceland, including suggested itineraries and other important travel considerations (lodging, driving, weather, seasonal considerations, and recommended resources).
  • How to photograph Iceland’s special subjects through interviews with pro photographers, including Justin Reznick, Miles Morgan, Ian Plant, David Thompson, Koveh Tavakkol, and Jim Patterson. These photographers share their advice on aerial photography, visiting an ice cave, photographing an erupting volcano, photographing puffins, photographing the aurora borealis, and planning your first trip.

What People Are Saying

After purchasing your Forever Light ebook, I need to tell you that it is absolutely phenomenal! I had already done a fair amount of research for my Iceland trip, but your guide would have been all I needed. I wish I ordered this ebook before spending hours reading travel books and researching online. In addition, it is clearly presented and incredibly well-organized. With your ebook and google maps, I was easily able to decide on my travel dates, mode of transportation, desired itinerary as well as determine exactly how much driving will be involved for each day of the trip.


My friend Christophe and I found your Forever Light guide to be very useful on our trip to Iceland this year. I think it is really the best and most useful travel guide I have ever purchased.


Last year around this time I started researching for a trip to Iceland. After weeks of searching and planning I stumbled upon your Forever Light guide.  At that point I tossed out all of the other research I had done.  Your guide proved to be invaluable both in terms of the time and money it saved me as well as providing essential tips that made the trip enjoyable. Great piece of work and thank you!


The best thing you can do to prepare yourself for your first trip to Iceland is pick up this ebook.  We went to Iceland equipped with about 7 guide books, several maps, advice, contacts, and ideas, but we found that we referred to Forever Light 90% of the time.


I purchased your Forever Light ebook a few days ago and have read the entire thing already.  It is the best resource I have found for photographers (and visitors in general).  Thanks!!


About Forever Light

  • Information on more than 30 of the best photography locations in Iceland, with detailed directions and GPS coordinates for each.  We also include a brief summary of more than 20 additional locations across Iceland.
  • Location descriptions in this travel photography eBook include directions, sample photographs, seasonal considerations, and advice on how to approach and photograph the subject.
  • Over 130 high-quality photographs to both inform and inspire.  Technical information (including exposure settings) is included for nearly every photo.
  • Advice on aerial photography, visiting an ice cave, photographing an erupting volcano, photographing puffins, photographing the aurora borealis, and planning your first trip.
  • Travel information, including lodging and transportation basics, seasonal variations, and weather information to help you get started in planning your trip.
  • Tips for choosing when to visit Iceland for a landscape photography trip, plus sample itineraries.
  • Recommended gear and gear considerations.

This travel photography eBook is perfect for any photographer planning to visit (or re-visit) Iceland, and will also appeal to any non-photographer interested in Iceland’s natural scenery. The authors developed this e-book to be the guide they wished they had for their first trip to Iceland and based on overwhelmingly positive reviews, they have succeeded.

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