What’s Included

Format: eBook, PDF format, 25 pages
Size: 16 MB
Requirement: Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or greater

Price: $6

What Customers Are Saying

Visual Wilderness offers outstanding Educational Products quite different from what is on offer in the landscape photography market.
Luciana London, England

What You Will Learn

  • The thought process for each individual image we shoot. It’s the next best thing to spending a few hours shooting alongside professional nature photographers in the field.
  • The camera, lenses, and special equipment we used for each photo in this book. This information is especially useful for those who want to capture high quality photos on your own.
  • The ND filter that will help reduce the amount of light that reaches your sensor when you are shooting. This special filter lets you use a higher shutter speed so you can capture the crashing waves with a silky and ethereal effect.
  • How to remove distracting elements from your images and shift the focus to the most interesting part of the scene. This is what separates mundane snapshots from award-winning fine-art photographs.
  • The GND filter you can use when you want to capture the sky in your seascape images. It reduces the overall dynamic range and allows you to capture all the vital details in the scene.

This is the second eBook in the wildly popular Workflow Series. This time, join Varina and Jay as they visit six stunning coastlines – from Bahia Honda in Florida to the Makawehi Lithified Cliffs in Hawaii! Coastlines are some of the most dynamic and beautiful places on earth. Join Varina and Jay as they discuss the challenges they face as they shoot. Examine the decisions they make in the field… and on the computer during processing. Take this opportunity to climb inside the mind of professional wilderness photographers.

The Vision – Varina and Jay invite you to join them in the field as they explain their thought processes and the challenges that arise in the field. You’ll find tips and suggestions for improving your own photography! This is the next best thing to learning on location!

The Process – Take a look at rarely seen un-processed images, and pick up tips and hints as the pros walk you through the process of preparing and finishing a photo!

The Result – When all is said and done, take a look at the finished product. Compare it to the original, scrutinize the changes that were made, and think about the decisions the photographer made in the field. Would you have done it the same way?