What’s Included

Format: eBook, PDF format, 24 pages
Size: 17 MB
Requirement: Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or greater

Price: $6

What Customers Are Saying

Excellent training. I love the way you folks transmit your volumes of knowledge to us. Easy to learn and follow. Beautiful job.
Joe HudspethOregon, USA

What You Will Learn

  • What is the best time to visit waterfalls to avoid problems with dynamic range and distracting glare.
  • How to use a circular polarizer that will help eliminate glare from water surfaces to reveal the beautiful, hidden world beneath the water. The difference is amazing – and you can’t reproduce it with software, no matter how good you are.
  • What white balance settings to use to get our colors just right in post processing. White balance can mean the difference between a dull image and one that really pops.
  • How to selectively use contrast to bring out details in images that feel flat and unappealing.
  • What cameras, lenses and equipment we used on location to get each shot.
  • Each step of our thought process, planning, and post-processing. It’s like you’re right there shooting with us in the field.

Waterfalls are majestic and beautiful, but they bring their own set of challenges for landscape photographers.

Jump inside our heads to discover what we were thinking when we shot these magnificent waterfalls. We’ll visit six waterfalls, and listen in as Varina and Jay explain their thought process in the field. We’ll watch and learn as they process their favorite images in Photoshop. And when they’re finished, we’ll get a good look at the finished products – six images that capture the beauty and personality of some of nature’s most inspiring features… waterfalls!

The Vision – Varina and Jay invite you to join them in the field as they explain their thought processes and the challenges that arise in the field. You’ll find tips and suggestions for improving your own photography! This is the next best thing to learning on location!

The Process – Take a look at rarely seen un-processed images, and pick up tips and hints as the pros walk you through the process of preparing and finishing a photo!

The Result – When all is said and done, take a look at the finished product. Compare it to the original, scrutinize the changes that were made, and think about the decisions the photographer made in the field. Would you have done it the same way?