Better Compositions

Tips & Trick to improve your compositions

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April 2016

What matters most in landscape photography? Is it the lighting, the subject matter, the equipment you use or maybe just having the right set of skills? While each of these is crucial for creating a successful image, nothing can communicate your unique, creative vision like a great composition. Finding the right balance, knowing how to highlight your subject and having a keen eye for patterns and colors can help to elevate your compositional skills and turn your landscape shot into a work of art worthy to hang on your wall.

So what are some of the technical challenges of composition? When can you break the rules? How can you create depth in your image and draw your viewers right into the scene? In this edition of Visual Wilderness Magazine, we’ll answer these questions and more as we bring you tips and tricks for improving your compositions from the diverse, wide-reaching experiences of our contributors. From photographing sea stacks at sunset to crackling volcanic depressions to simple sandy scenes, you’ll be sure to find something that catches your eye and inspires you to create your own stunning landscape compositions.

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