Focus on Fieldwork

Making most out of your camera and lenses.

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What To Expect

June 2016

Are you having trouble selecting the right gear for your next photography expedition? Confused about which camera settings to use in a particular situation? This issue of Visual Wilderness Magazine is all about refining your camera and lens techniques to ensure you get it right when out in the field. We all know that post-processing is, indeed, important. But it’s not a substitute for a general lack of knowledge on how to use your camera and its lenses.

Our team of contributing photographers provides answers and insights to guide you in the field. Ranging from lenses (What lenses should I carry and why? How do I get the sharpest photos possible? Can you explain how different lenses affect perspective? What about wide-angle and longer lenses for landscape photography?)… to camera settings and workflow. June 2016 issue of Visual Wilderness Magazine brings you the information you need to take your fieldwork to the next level.

What’s Included

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