Being Creative

Ideas for capturing photos that others don’t see.

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What To Expect

October 2016

Yes, landscape photography is an art form and capturing nature in all its glory is an honorable goal. As landscape photographers, we create gorgeous, awe-inspiring images that beautifully represent the world around us. But this month, let’s talk about something a little different. This issue of Visual Wilderness delves into CREATIVE photography. When we speak of creative photography, we’re talking about photography that contains just a little extra… an additional element or elements that we choose to use to improve the final photo from its original form.

Join us as we learn to develop our own creative eye, find ways to capture our world that makes us (and others) see it differently, and use weather and nature to create heightened magic and even abstract art. By better understanding ourselves, learning to step beyond our own expectations, being willing to see the world in new ways, and some good solid tips on creative processing… we’re able to open up an entirely different realm from our traditional/expected landscape photography.

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