Mumbacho Volcano, Nicaragua

Without Post-processing Wizardry

If you spend time on Social Media It’s easy to believe that you have to be a wizard at post-processing to capture a great shot.
RAW Assignment

VW13 - RAW Processing Assignment Critique

In this episode of Visual Wilderness, we talk about the results of the May assignment were varied and creative! In this episode of Visual Wilderness, we talk about the RAW assignment.
Papa Bay, Miloli'i - Big Island - Hawai'i, USA

Are We Still Debating This?

I'll be honest with you... I actually thought the RAW versus JPG debate was over. But apparently, it's not.
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Can you Share your Photoshop Workflow?

When I speak publicly, I get a lot of questions about how much work I do in Photoshop, and how - exactly - I produce a finished image.
The Devil's Golf Course - Varina Patel

Photoshop Blending Modes: Lighten

This is a composite shot I took several years ago in Death…
Transient Light, Glacier National Park, MT

How much time do you spend in Photoshop?

Some photos require just a moment or two in Photoshop, while others requires more time. On average, I spend between 5-15 minutes per photo.
Tinkers Creek State Park, Ohio (OH), USA

How to Process a Moody Photograph

Conveying mood in a photograph requires a little extra care in your processing technique. We use Photoshop Layers & Mask to accomplish this.
Are the Colors Real

Is it Photoshopped?

Have people told you your photos look “fake”, “too HDRish”, or that you used too much “photoshop magic”? – Here is how we answer them.
Post Processing Workflow

RAW versus JPG

“My wife keeps telling me (she shoots jpeg) that my final images are not ‘real’ because they were ‘done’ in Photoshop.” – What do you think?
Sol Duc, Olympic National Park, Washington (WA), USA

RAW Image Processing: Basic Tab

When Jay opened this file in Adobe Photoshop Camera RAW, it did not look like this. short video to show how he processed this photo.

Are your Colors Manipulated?

We have heard it a thousand times... "Those colors must be Photoshopped." Our response: "Photoshop is NOT the only way to manipulate colors"
'Twixt Autumn and Winter - Varina Patel

Post Processing - Colors Casts

During processing, it is important to be aware of slight color casts like this. What feelings are you are trying to convey with your image?