Canyon in Latvia

The Human Element and Landscape Photography

Clint Burkinshaw shows you how to effectively use human elements for your landscape photography
Samoa waterfall

Why Fieldwork is Important

Clint Burkinshaw show us why good fieldwork will take your photography to the next level....And how to go about doing it.
Catlins, New Zeland

Photographing in Fog... It's a good thing!

Instead of running away from dreary weather and fog, embrace it. This article describes exactly how you can utilise these conditions to your advantage.

Using Focal Points To Better Your Photography

Focal points are a great way to creating attractive elements within your frame and drawing the viewer's eye into the photograph. Here's several ways in which you can use them effectively.

Natural Leading Lines

Natural leading lines are a great way to improve your composition and help convey emotion in your photographs. Check out some effective ways these can be used.

Delving into the Danakil

Four days in a 4WD travelling around what National Geographic dubs "The cruelest place on earth". What an incredible experience!
Monk in the light

Travel Photography Equipment Guide - Part 2

Clint Burkinshaw gives insights into what photography equipment to bring along on your next trip - Part 2
Clint Burkinshaw gives his take on what gear to pack

Travel Photography Equipment Guide - Part 1

Clint Burkinshaw gives insights into what photography equipment to bring along on your next trip - Part 1
Inspirational Stories & Interviews

Erta Ale, The Gateway To Hell

“The gateway to hell” locals call it. One of the world’s most bizarre, dangerous, rare and impressive sights this planet has to offer. A magma pit bubbling straight from the Earth’s core, located deep in the Afar Depression, northern Ethiopia.

Unveiling Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the world's most amazing sites. Join travel photographer Clint Burkinshaw as he relives his experience and explores the lost kingdom.

The Wonders Of Bagan, Myanmar (Burma)

Bagan, situated in the central plains of Myanmar, is amongst the world’s most mesmerising historical sites. Bagan will deliver views that'll drop your jaw!
Torres Del Paine National Park Sunrise, Chile

The End of the World, Patagonia

Take a journey to the end of the world, where landscapes are both violent and beautiful at the same time. Patagonia, a place truly out of this world.