Godafoss by Clint Burkinshaw

Sharpening Images for the Web - Dos and Don'ts

Clint Burkinshaw walks us through the dos and don'ts of the sharpening images before sharing them on the web.

Photographing Myanmar: Wonders of Bagan

Photographing Myanmar is not complete without a trip to Bagan - one the world’s most mesmerizing historical sites.

Benefits of Using Single-point Focus

Clint Burknishaw walks us through different focusing scenarios that will benefit from your camera's single-point focus setting.
Northern Lights

A Beginners Guide to Photographing Northern Lights

From Logistic to Focusing - Everything you wanted to know about getting started with photographing Northern Lights

Photographing Iconic Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the world's most amazing sites. Join travel photographer Clint Burkinshaw as he relives his experience and explores the lost kingdom.

Delving into the Danakil Depression

Four days in a 4WD travelling around what National Geographic dubs "The cruelest place on earth". What an incredible experience!

Photographing Gorillas in Uganda

Photographing gorillas in Uganda is not an easy task...specially when of them decides to decides to charge you in the dense rain forest.

What Aperture Should I Use?

Having trouble deciding what Aperture to shoot at? Here are few tips from Clint Burkinshaw.

Erta Ale, The Gateway To Hell

“The gateway to hell” is what locals call Erta Ale. Clint Burkinshaw describes how he was able to photograph this unique location.
Canyon in Latvia

The Human Element and Landscape Photography

Clint Burkinshaw shows you how to effectively use human elements for your landscape photography
Samoa waterfall

Why Fieldwork is Important

Clint Burkinshaw show us why good fieldwork will take your photography to the next level....And how to go about doing it.

Photographing in Fog... It's a good thing!

Instead of running away from dreary weather and fog, embrace it. This article describes exactly how you can utilise these conditions to your advantage.