Photographing Namibia's Deadvlei

Denise Ippolito share her experience and knowledge about photographing Namibia's Deadvlei

Photographing at Namibia's Kolmanskop

Denise Ippolito shows how to be creative while visiting a popular photography location - Namibia's Kolmanskop.

Photographing Birds in Flight in Snow

Denise Ippolito gives us an in depth look at how she goes about photographing birds in snowy weather.

Soft/Sharp - In-camera Multiple Exposure Technique

Denis Ippolitto show you how to create some very artistic effects using in-camera multiple exposure technique.
B&W Image converted in Photoshop

Dramatic Black and White Conversions in Photoshop

The above image was processed in Photoshop; the conversion…

Reflectors for Flower Photography

One of the most versatile, inexpensive and convenient ways light for your macro photography is with reflectors.

Create Your Own Brush Preset in Photoshop

Denise Ippolito show us how to create your own brush preset in Photoshop....and it is easier than you think.

Creative Processing Tips using Topaz Software

Here are some awesome post processing tips to take an ordinary photo and turn it fine art print using Topaz software.

Denise Ippolito - 3 Tips for Photographing Flowers

Denise Ipollito gives some easy to follow tips to create fantastic fine arts flowers photos.