7 Essential Steps to Master Landscape Photography

If you are a beginner landscape photographer with brand new equipment, here are seven steps that will get you up to speed.
Resulting multiple camera exposure image

Fun, Creative Techniques with Multiple Camera Exposures

Joshua Cripps shares some fun and creative things nature photographers can experiment with using multiple in-camera exposures.

When To Use High ISO for Nature Photography

I know what you're thinking..."I can't raise my ISO, I'll get…

Getting it Right with Fast Shutter Speed

Pro photographer Jay Patel tell you how to capture some breathtaking nature photos with fast shutter speed.

When Depth of Field is Not Enough

Josh Cripps shares 4 simple but effective techniques to around the problem of not enough depth of field in our landscape photos.

How to Expose for Birds in Flight

Pro photographer Rahul Schadev share highly effective technique to accurately expose for birds in flight.

Tips for Photographing Moon

It can be tough to photograph the moon with a foreground. Here are few ideas to get you started.

Landscape Photography with Fast Shutter Speeds

Charlotte Gibb offers tips about when to choose fast shutter speed over a long exposure in landscape photography.

How do I set my Camera's Exposure?

How do I set my camera's exposure? This is the question that we get all the time. We use histogram to determine the correct exposure.

The ONLY Reason You Should Change Your ISO Setting

Josh Cripps explains why your ISO setting should be planted firmly at its lowest possible base setting except for this reason.

How to select an Ideal Exposure

How to fine tune camera's exposure by using Histograms & a GND Filter to capture stunning photos.
Afternoon Delight by Erin Babnik

Tips for Creating the Perfect Sunstar

Erin Babnik shows you how to create a perfect sun star for your landscape photos.