Annular Solar Eclipse Over Arizona

How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse

Pro photographer Grant Collier answers some frequently asked questions to capture the upcoming Solar Eclipse.
Milkky Way over Overwater Bungalows

How To Make Your Photos "Pop"

Sometimes, after I’ve done a lot of work on an image in Photoshop,…
Aerial View of Lava

Photographing Lava from Air – Part II

Photographing Lava from air can be challenging. Here are few tips from Grant Collier to get some stunning aerial shots of lava flows.
Lava, waves, and smoke

Tips for Photographing Lava – Part I

Professional Photographer Grant Collier gives some awesome tips for photography Lava flows.
Wilson Arch, astronomical twilight

The Magic of Twilight – Part III

Professional photographer Grant Collier talk about how he goes about capturing the magic of twilight.
Arch and Cave at Night

The Magic of Twilight – Part II

Grant Collier teaches how to capture dramatic images during nautical twilight. He tells how to get dramatic light and what camera settings to use.
Stars over Fisher Towers in Utah

Equipment and Camera Setting for Night Photography

Grant Collier gives us an insight on what kind of equipment and camera settings is needed for night photography
Turret Arch at twilight

The Magic of Twilight – Part I

Grant Collier shows us different ways of using twilight in landscape photography.
Best equipment for reducing image noise.

Reducing Noise in Post Processing

Grant Collier shows you how to use post processing to reduces noise for your Night Photography.
Milky Way over Utah

Creating Panoramas of Night Photos

One of the best solutions for making large fine art prints of night photos is to create panoramas.
Northern light over Iceland

The Basics of Night Photography

Night photography has become very popular in recent years, as…
moonbow, lightning, thunderstorm

Chasing Moonbows

Have you seen a Moonbow? They are hard to find in nature and even harder to photograph. Here is how Grant Collier was able to capture one during a stormy night.