RAW Assignment

VW13 - RAW Processing Assignment Critique

In this episode of Visual Wilderness, we talk about the results of the May assignment were varied and creative! In this episode of Visual Wilderness, we talk about the RAW assignment.

VW11 - A Portfolio that Sells: Part 1

In Visual Wilderness episode #11, we talk with Ugo Cei about building a commercial portfolio and finding potential clients.
vw Details Critique

VW10 - Details Assignment Critique

In this episode, we critique the April 2014 "Details" Assignment, and talk about general guidelines for critique.
vwe8 - how to calibrate your monitor

VW8 - How to Calibrate a Monitor

In this episode, we talk about how we calibrate our monitors, and answer questions from the audience about matching prints to what you see on your monitors.
How to Critique a Photo

VW7 - The Importance of Critique

Visual Wilderness episode 7 is all about Critique. Learning to give a good critique will help you grow as a photographer - even as you are helping others get better too!
Shallow DOF

VW6 – Shallow DOF Critique

Welcome to Visual Wilderness Episode #6. In this episode, we critique the March 2014 Assignment: Shallow DOF.
A Little Tenderness © Laurie Rubin-XL

VW5 – Photographing Wildlife with Laurie Rubin

Welcome to Visual Wilderness Episode #5. In this episode, we talk with Laurie Rubin about what it takes to capture the incredible wildlife photos in her portfolio!
Erta Ale, Ethiopia

VW4 - Photo Adventures of Clint Burkinshaw

The incredible Clint Burkinshaw tells us about his impromptu wilderness wedding, photographing lava with the help of an armed militia... and more.

VW3 - Shallow DOF

In this episode, we talk about Shallow Depth of Field, why we might choose a wide aperture, and our thoughts on some of our own shallow DOF photos.

VW2 - Simple Manual Blending

We welcome Leigh Diprose from FujiFilm Australia and show you how to blend two XE-2 images to create a finished, natural-looking photograph.
Pony Tail Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon (OR), USA
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Composing with Intent

In photography courses composition is taught as a set of rules, but the topic goes far deeper than any collection of discreet rules.
Fine Art Prints: Workflow
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Fine Art Prints Workflow

Jay discusses his photography workflow for Fine Art Prints with other G+ photographers Scott Jarvie, John H. Moore, and Victor Bezrukov!