When Depth of Field is Not Enough

Josh Cripps shares 4 simple but effective techniques to around the problem of not enough depth of field in our landscape photos.

Why I'm Addicted to Telephoto Landscapes

Josh Cripps explains why he loves to capture landscape photos with it telephoto lens.

Photographing Reflections: More Than Meets the Eye

Photographing reflections often creates images that look "Photo-shopped" or "Fake". Here is why.

Go DARK to create fantastic moody photos

Josh Cripps shows you how to use tone curve adjustments to create fantastic moody photos from your ordinary landscape images.

The ONLY Reason You Should Change Your ISO

Josh Cripps explains why your ISO should be planted firmly at its lowest possible base setting except for this reason.

Color Cast: Seek and Destroy

Josh Cripps gives us an excellent tutorials on how to remove color cast from your images to create natural looking masterpieces.

Why Expectations Are Killing Your Creativity

Are you missing out on incredible photos because your expectations have given you tunnel vision? Here is what Josh has to say on the subject of creativity.

How to Find Great Locations to Photograph

Josh Cripps gives some insight on how you can find those amazing landscape photographic locations to shoot.

How to put photography back in your life

"I don't have time for photography!! I need to finish my taxes, stack firewood, respond to 47 new emails, prep images, take kids to school..." - Here is how to put photography back in your life.

To Swap or Not to Swap...

Does sky replacement weaken the art of photography? Are you for it or against it? Here is Josh Cripps's take on the subject.
Milford Sound Photography New Zealand

One Piece of Non-Photo Gear that Changed My Photography

There is one piece of non-photographic gear in particular that has helped me get more unique and interesting shots than any new camera, lens, or filter.
Use layers to enhance depth

4 Tips for Adding Depth to Your Photos

Joshua Cripps give 4 easy to follow photography tips to add depth to your images.