Lough Neagh, County Antrim, Northern Ireland

What ND Filters I Carry and Why

Athena Carey loves her ND Filters...and here is how she uses them to create stunning B/W photos.
Icebergs at the beach - Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Getting Creative with ND Filters

Neutral Density filters open a world of creative options – they allow me to change my shutter speed to create a variety of different effects.
To ND or NOT to ND

To ND or Not to ND

Varina talks us through her thought process when she’s deciding whether or not to use an ND filter.
Cracked Eggs - Varina Patel

Simplifying a Cluttered Composition

When there are so many cool elements happening at once, how do you compose a simple, focused shot and steer clear of distractions?
Singing the Blues - Varina Patel

Filters and Fieldwork

This shot required very little special post-processing... just…