Erta Ale, The Gateway To Hell

“The gateway to hell” is what locals call Erta Ale. Clint Burkinshaw describes how he was able to photograph this unique location.

Planning your next Landscape Photography Trip

Invaluable tips by Sarah Marino to read before you start out on your next landscape photography trip.

Photographing Namibia's Deadvlei

Denise Ippolito share her experience and knowledge about photographing Namibia's Deadvlei

Inexpensive Macro Gear Alternatives

Lace Andersen gives us two inexpensive Macro Gear alternatives to get you started with close-up photography.

Photography Challenges to Develop Creativity

Photography challenges are a great way to develop skills and creativity at the same time. Let's get started!
macro photo of orange lily stamen

What's a Focal Plane and Why Should I Care?

The focal plane tells which elements are important, and which aren't. A well chosen focal plane creates impact, a poorly chosen one introduces confusion.

Don’t Dismiss Daylight Hours for Taking Great Photos

Patricia Davidson gives us some great advise on how to take great photos during those dreaded daylight hours.
Blue color example

Emotional Impact of Color in Landscape Photography - Part 1

Charlotte Gibb takes an in-depth look at how to use primary colors in landscape photography to create an emotional impact.

When to fall back to Black and White photography?

Here are some basic guidelines by pro photographer Christine Hauber on when to fall back to black and white photography.

Photographing Flowing Lava in Hawaii

Varina Patel has fallen in love with the Big Island of Hawaii. Here's what she recommends for photographing flowing lava.

How to Capture Great Photos at All Times of Day

Ugo Cei gives some easy to follow guidance on how to come away with great photos in any light conditions.
Green Point Beach, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, by Anne McKinnell

Planning your next Photography Adventure

Anne McKinnell gives you some idea to get ready for your next photography adventure so you can come back with some stunning photos.