Icelandic Horse in infrared with multiple texture layers.

Beginner's Guide to Creative Texture Blending

Christine Hauber show us how to turn your ordinary landscape photos into stunning fine art prints using creative texture blending

Post Processing for Natural Greens

Varina gives you some great advise to bring out the natural greens in your photos during post processing.
B&W Image converted in Photoshop

Dramatic Black and White Conversions in Photoshop

The above image was processed in Photoshop; the conversion…

Post Processing for Fresh Looking Water

Ryan Dyar gives show us how to use selective color cast during post processing to create fresh looking water
Lower Geyser Basin, Yellowstone National Park Wyoming (WY), USA

How to select Post Processing Parameters

How to analyze and add just the correct amount of post processing magic to create stunning photos.
Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 8.01.15 PM

How to Fix a Bent Horizon in Photoshop

Johny Spenser shows you how to fix a bent horizon in your panorama images with Photoshop.
Ruby Beach, WA.

Using Colors to Create Depth & Direction

Ryan Dyar likes to use contrasting colors and shifts in brightness to create depth & direction and flow in his photos.
Post Processing Workflow

Photoshop How To: Layers and Masks

Most landscape photos require some amount of post-processing to retain the details throughout the image. This photo was no exception.
Ouzud, Morocco

How to Bracket your photos

The idea of bracketing seems pretty simple: just point your camera at the scene, take an underexposed and overexposed shot. But life is rarely that simple.
Good Reflection

Common Post Processing Mistakes to Avoid

Ryan Dyar gives some insight into how to avoid post processing mistakes that are made too often.

Create Your Own Brush Preset in Photoshop

Denise Ippolito show us how to create your own brush preset in Photoshop....and it is easier than you think.
Sunrize on Grand Canyon National Park

How to Avoid Lens Flare

At one point or another we all have to deal with the dreaded lens flare. Here is a simple but highly effective technique by Ugo Cei to avoid lens flare from ruining your photos.