How to Refine Your Composition in the Field

Professional nature photographer Sarah Marino shares some simple tips for refining your photography compositions while in the field.

5 Essential Lessons for Creative Macro Photography

Pro photographer Sarah Marino shares easy to follow lessons to get started with creative macro photography.
Badlands in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

7 Tips for Photographing Desert Landscapes

Seven Tips for Nature Photography in Desert Landscapes, Including Death Valley National Park, the Mojave Desert, the Sonoran Desert, and the Great Basin.
Fall Colors, Vermont

6 Tips for Photographing Fall Colors

Thinking about photographing fall colors this season? Here are few ideas to get your started by Sarah Marino.

Planning your next Landscape Photography Trip

Invaluable tips by Sarah Marino to read before you start out on your next landscape photography trip.
A waterfall in Iceland surrounded by green mosses

5 Steps to Making More Creative Landscape Photos

Sarah Marino shares 5 steps to capture Creative Landscape Photos using practice, fieldwork, and and new habits.

Getting Started with Narrow Depth of Field Photography

Learn how to get started with narrow depth of field photography, a technique to take your photos of subjects in nature into a new realm of creativity.
Aspen trees in California's Eastern Sierra. Photo by Sarah Marino.

My Four Favorite Landscape Photography Accessories

Sarah Marino shares why shes does not leave home without these 4 landscape photography accessories.
Lightning Storm, Great Sand Dunes. Photograph by Sarah Marino

6 Essential Field Techniques for Using a Telephoto Lens

Sarah Marino explains how to effectively use your telephoto lens to get the sharpest possible photos.
Photo #2: A flooded Badwater Basin in Death Valley National Park at sunrise. Canon 6D, 16-35mm lens @16mm.

Compositions Tips for a Wide-Angle Lens

Sarah Marino provides ideas to improve your composition when shooting with a wide-angle lens.

6 Tips for Scouting Landscape Photography Locations

Here are few tips about scouting locations for landscape photography that have helped Sarah Marino improve here photographs.
Photograph of corn lily plants in Colorado

Learning to See Beyond the Literal

As landscape photographers, our subjects are typically scenes…