Photographing bears in action in Kodiak Alaska

Photographing Bears in Alaska

Denise Ipolitto shares here experience and knowledge about photographing bears in Kodiak Alaska.
Underwater photography of Turtle.

Jane Palmer's Tips for Underwater Photography

Here are some insights from Jane Palmer on how to get started with underwater photography.

What does it take to get awesome travel photos?

According to Ugo Cei capturing awesome travel photos require sacrifice, prowess, and the ability to balance different aspects of your life.
Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park, Montana by Anne McKinnell

5 Techniques to Create Dramatic Photos of Piers

Docks and piers are great subjects for dramatic photos. This article outlines five techniques to ensure your pier and dock photos are both dramatic and dynamic.

Leave It Better Than You Found It

As landscape photographers, it's important to lead by example and leave our photography locations in better shape than we found them.

Photographing Torres del Paine in Patagonia, Chile

Photographing Torres del Paine National Park's unique environment and dramatic vistas should be on every nature photographers bucket list.

Patagonia Photography and Trekking

The windswept landscapes, turquoise lakes, dramatic mountain backdrops and mild weather created perfect ingredients for stunning Patagonia Photography.

5 Reasons Why Peru’s Sacred Valley Should Be On Your Bucket List

Peru's Sacred Valley offer travel photographers more than just the iconic Macchu Picchu!

Photographing Myanmar: Wonders of Bagan

Photographing Myanmar is not complete without a trip to Bagan - one the world’s most mesmerizing historical sites.
Copse of cypresses, Val d'Orcia

Photographing Tuscany: The Val d'Orcia

Ugo Cei gives takes on on a tour and gives us in-depth information about photographing Tuscany.

Photographing Iconic Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the world's most amazing sites. Join travel photographer Clint Burkinshaw as he relives his experience and explores the lost kingdom.

Delving into the Danakil Depression

Four days in a 4WD travelling around what National Geographic dubs "The cruelest place on earth". What an incredible experience!