Coyote Buttes, Arizona

How to Capture Great Photos at All Times of Day

Ugo Cei gives some easy to follow guidance on how to come away with great photos in any light conditions.
Green Point Beach, Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland, by Anne McKinnell

Planning your next Photography Adventure

Anne McKinnell gives you some idea to get ready for your next photography adventure so you can come back with some stunning photos.

Photographing at Namibia's Kolmanskop

Denise Ippolito shows how to be creative while visiting a popular photography location - Namibia's Kolmanskop.

Building a Cohesive Landscape Photography Portfolio - Part 1

Christine Hauber talks about the challenge of putting together a cohesive landscape photography portfolio in preparation for solo show of Mojave National Preserve.
Badwater Basin is very extensive and pre-scouting is essential to finding the best formations. We spent a few hours looking for the most interesting spots in advance of photographing here at sunrise. We also marked the most promising spots on our GPS to make returning later easy.

6 Tips for Scouting Landscape Photography Locations

Here are few tips about scouting locations for landscape photography that have helped Sarah Marino improve here photographs.
Images from around Fairbanks and Mt Aurora Skiland

Choosing a Location to Photograph Aurora Borealis

Kevin McNeal list some of the factors that have helped him choose locations to photograph Aurora Borealis.
Turtle, Big Island, Hawaii

How to Photograph a Diverse Terrain

Pro Photographer CJ Kale shares his tips for photographing diverse terrain found on Big Island of Hawaii.
forest scene

Sunlight, Coastal Fog and Trees Equals Pure Magic!

Here are some tips for photographing California Redwoods with magical light, filtering through the trees on the foggy mornings.

How to Find Great Locations to Photograph

Josh Cripps gives some insight on how you can find those amazing landscape photographic locations to shoot.
Images from Mount Rainier in the Pacific Northwest Of Washington State

Autmn Photography in Mount Rainier

Kevin McNeal tells us why Mount Rainier makes a perfect place to photograph In autumn. He share some of his favorite destinations to catch some fall colors.

Exploring Your Next Bucket List Location

Sarah talks with InFocus Magazine to give some tips on how to lose yourself in Nature to create some compelling images and diverse set of images.
Elle Bruce - Rock Beach Still Lake One Bird

Your Local Landscape is Exotic to Someone

There is beauty even in the most unlikely of places and your mundane is someone else's exotic.